About festival

Feliks Nowowiejski’s International Festival of Choral Music is a cyclical event, which has been taking place in our city for fifteen years. The creator and executor of the festival is the Association for Civil Initiatives in Barczewo in cooperation with other entities.

The first edition took place in 2002 and was directed only to Polish choirs. Since the following year, the formula changed into international and so continues today.

The main aim of the festival is to commemorate figure and work of Feliks Nowowiejski who was a great composer, conductor, organist virtuoso born on 7th February 1877 in Barczewo. He was a creator of operas, oratorio “Quo Vadis”, organ symphonies, vocal and choral pieces, a great patriot and a Pole whose activity was an important factor in shaping the Polish consciousness of the lands of the north in the interwar period.