The association was founded on August 11, 2000 as a branch of the Association of Civic Initiatives in Olsztyn. From April 19, 2004 acts as an independent unit, the status of members is 34 people.


The goal of the SIO is:

  • Direct impact on factors determining the standard of living of the city and commune inhabitants.
  • Participating in creating conditions conducive to social development.
  • Triggering and stimulating the activity of individuals and social groups in the field of undertaking and implementing projects promoting the city and the commune, in particular in the field of cultural development, education.



  • Multiple forms of active cooperation with self-government authorities and the state administration of the Republic of Poland.
  • The defense of constitutional human and civil rights to a dignified life, with particular emphasis on those most in need.
  • Supporting the development and initiation of economic undertakings related to the creation of new jobs.
  • Action to protect the natural environment, supporting the development of culture, ie organizing cultural, entertainment and occasional events.
  • Publishing and disseminating materials regarding SIO activities and promotion of the city and commune of Barczewo.
  • Maintaining contacts with other organizations with similar goals and participating in the implementation of initiatives undertaken by other entities.
  • Organizing readings, lectures, scientific sessions, exhibitions, courses, competitions and publishing own publications.
  • Maintaining and disseminating national traditions, nurturing Polishness and developing national, civic and cultural awareness.
  • Action for disabled and retirement age people.
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Promoting active leisure for children and youth
  • Running public collections, lotteries.

The most important task that the Association has been dealing with since the beginning of its foundation is the organization of the Feliks Nowowiejski’s International Festival of Choral Music in Barczewo, which we organize for the 18th time. We participate in the celebration of Barczewo Days promoting non-governmental organizations. We took part in the “Herold” and “Let’s Work Together” projects, as a result of which took place the county Picnic of Non-Governmental Organizations, on which the NGO agreement was signed from individual municipalities named. “Shine in the Network”. We organized the International Open-Air Painting and post-exhibition display. We co-organized the exhibition of painting named “Artist Temporarily Absent.” We carried out a communal arts and crafts competition and organized an exhibition. We organized the ceremony related to the presentation of the medal “Senate Reborn 1989-1999″ awarded to the Augustyna Wiewióra Elementary School in Wipsowo. For several years, in cooperation with Food Bank in Olsztyn we have been carrying out twice a year food collection in the commune of Barczewo. We were the co-organizer of founding the banner for the Correctional Facility in Barczewo.

We organized the County Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations. We organized meetings with parliamentarians. In 2011, as part of the implementation of the tasks of the Olsztyn Commune, the association completed the task “Education of the inhabitants of Olsztyn in various areas of culture by publishing a publication about Feliks Nowowiejski” “Felek goes to see the world.” ” However, as part of the implementation of the tasks of the Barczewo commune, the association has published:

disc titled “The Barczewo commune – monuments, culture, tourism”, organized a canoeing trip, and a training conference for non-governmental organizations from the Barczewo commune. Published the publication “Little Feluś goes to see the world” as the second revised edition. Copies of the book were given to children during the ceremonial meeting at the Primary School No. 1 in Barczewo on December 15, 2011. As part of the implementation of other tasks – “Świecowisko” we financed Marek Grechuta’s Memory Concert entitled “In my forest.” In cooperation with the Center for Culture and Promotion of the Barczewo Commune.

We cooperated with the Correctional Facility in organizing the 200th anniversary of the Correctional Facility in Barczewo. In particular, regarding the establishment of a memorial plaque dedicated to political prisoners fighting for a democratic Poland. The commemorative plaque was unveiled during the ceremonial celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the Correctional Facility in Barczewo on October 26, 2012. We continue to cooperate with the Barczewo Penitentiary. In particular, at the organization of the Feliks Nowowiejski’s International Festival of Choral Music and Food Collection. We cooperate with local companies in the implementation of food collections.

In 2014, as part of the implementation of the tasks of the Barczewo Commune, we implemented projects: “Traces of History” and “Integration of non-governmental environments”The main goal of the “Traces of History” project was to raise the level of historical knowledge of the residents of the Barczewo commune. This was achieved by conducting a field game and the Great Knowledge Test about Barczewo.

The first major testing of children and youth from primary and junior high schools took place on the occasion of the 650th anniversary of granting city rights to our city. As part of the “Integration of NGOs” task, on 06.09.2014 the Conference – Forum of Non-Governmental Organizations operating in the Barczewo Municipality was held. The organizations presented their achievements in the form of exhibitions and presentations. As part of the implementation of the tasks presented, the SIO cooperates with volunteers whose number, depending on the needs, ranges from 60 to 200 people.

In 2010, the Association of Civic Initiatives in Barczewo received the award – the statuette for the Felix Nowowiejski’s International Festival of Choral Music in Barczewo in the 6th edition of the Best Product and Service Contest in Warmia and Mazury in the category of other services.